Bali Spirit Day Spa
Wellness Centre

Client Policy

By Booking and Receiving ant Treatment at Bali Spirit Day Spa & Wellness Centre
all clients;
– Take responsibility to declare any allergies, medical conditions or injuries to the therapist before the treatment commences
– Take responsibility to declare pregnancy prior to any treatment; especially within the timeframe of the First Trimester (and if they proceed within the first trimester – take that responsibility upon themselves)
Failure to declare any of the above will result in the client taking responsibility for any adverse consequences that happen as a result

Voucher Policy

– Cannot be used to purchase products
– Cannot be used to redeem specials or promotions
– Cannot be exchanged for cash
– Be bought and used (In store only) for a special or promotion with the expiry date being changed from 3 years to 6 months from time of purchase
– Be purchased for a treatment or a set price and be changed upon redemption
– Be refunded but only to the person who bought it and with proof of purchase

All Vouchers last for 3 years unless purchased for a Special/Promotion

Cancellation Policy

– Cancellations made less than 24 hrs before your appointment will result in a cancellation fee of 20% of the original booking cost.
Special Circumstances will be taken into consideration on a case to case basis and will only be approved through higher management.
Is a positive test for COVID is discovered within the 24hr notice time frame, proof of test will need to be shown to avoid cancellation fee.

Thank you for understanding.